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” Shoot a Question – Get an Answer “.


Q: Why do people find it difficult to be one with the beautiful flow of life? .. Why is it that one finds it difficult to ‘ let go ‘ of their control over life?

Patriji : Your observation is not correct. All people are flowing with the FLOW OF LIFE. Every person is always ” RIGHT ” according to his / her point of view. And, every person is really ” ENJOYING “. Everybody is ” LEARNING “.

However, what we have to realize is that, every soul is at a different LEVEL OF LEARNING. And, at their respective levels, they are all earnest .. consciously or subconsciously .. in furthering their knowledge to the desired and destined next level.

Q : Tell about Tamasic Energy.

Patriji : ” Tamasic ” means pertaining to the physical body. ” Rajasic ” means pertaining to the MIND. ” Satvic ” means pertaining to the INTELLECTUAL. And, ” Nirqune ” means pertaining to the SOUL.

Tamasic people can only see SOLID state .. physical body. Rajasic people can also see LIQUID state .. mind. Satvic people can further see GASEOUS state .. intelligence. Nirguna people are the ultimate level souls, capable of experiencing SOUL-SELF.

For Tamasic people ” Seeing is Believing “. For Satvic people ” Understanding is Believing “.

Tamasic Energy – Physical Energy

Rajasic Energy – Mental Energy

Satvic Energy – Intellectual Energy

Nirguna Energy – Soul’s Energy

Q : If every person is at their best and learning, why should we teach meditation ? You have to teach MEDITATION because that is the great way they can HASTEN their learning. Minood : Do Ashrams help an aspirant in their spiritual growth ?

Patriji : Ashrams are the features of FUTURE ORDER. In the future, everywhere, there will be Ashrams. The whole Earth-humanity will be ONE ASHRAM.

” ENLIGHTENMENT ” means promoting oneself from individual or family based living to an enlarged community based living.

Q : Is finding a Guru important for a meditator?

Patriji : It is not ” Guru ” concept that is important. It is really about finding ” like-minded persons “, who will be our co-travellers. Birds of the same feather have to flock together.

We keep reaching out to other similar birds with the same feathers .. as we keep growing in life .. will yearn to live as a group with those similar birds.

Q : Why do we feel very lethargic or drained after meditation, sometimes ?

Patriji : You have to PAY for all past meat-eating. Your meditation has only postponed your PAYMENT. However, it lessened a little bit, the PAYMENT. Everybody has to pay for all the violence and barbarism indulged by them.

You will also have pains because you are Teaching. Therefore, you take a small part of OTHERS’ KARMA also.

Q : “ What is the actual science of pyramids? How is it connected to spirituality? ”

Patriji :   Any geometrically symmetrical structure has more inherent energy than any asymmetrical structure.. and a pyramid, being the most symmetrical of all structures, has the highest energy. This energy is useful for both material purposes as well as for spiritual purposes.

In PSSM, we exploit the pyramid energy for spiritual growth purposes.

Q : “ The very concept of ‘science’ is something rational. How can one accept spirituality as ‘science’? Is spirituality, too, rational? Isn’t it mainly based on beliefs? ”

Patriji :   Don’t you know about True India? Have you forgotten about Aurobindo and Ramana Maharishi? And, all the great masters like them?!

Spirituality is the greatest and absolute science.. whether you understand it or not. In the Bhagavad Gita, at the end of each chapter, you can find a statement which says “ it is a science of the yoga ”or “ Yoga shastra ”.

All the world’s religions are based upon the science of the spirituality. Any “ SCIENCE ” is based upon experimentation and experience. Science of spirituality is also based on experimentation and experience, all in the ambit of meditation. Spirituality is not at all based on wild beliefs.

Q : “ What is the idea behind ‘Global Conference of Spiritual Scientists’?  Can you please explain the term ‘Spiritual Scientist’? ”

Patriji :   A spiritual scientist is a person who has done a lot of research on all spiritual matters. A spiritual scientist is also a person who has dedicated his/her whole life to understand spirituality through personal experimentation and personal experience.

The Global Congress is aimed at inviting top-most spiritual scientists of the world to Bangalore City and to India.

PSSM is very proud to organize such conferences under the banner of IFSS.. Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists.. This was founded by PSSM along with the Times Foundation, in the year 2009.

Q : “ How ‘The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India)’ is working to reach the common masses? Can you please share with us how common people are responding to this concept of ‘pyramid meditation’? ”

Patriji :   PSSM has got hundreds and thousands of trained masters to go to the far-off villages to spread the science of meditation. The work of PSSM is well-known to all people of India.

You can study our monthly magazines like “ Dhyana Kasturi ”in Kannada and “ Dhyanandhrapradesh ” in Telugu etc.. to understand the tremendous benefits.. in the field of health .. enjoyed by all through pyramid meditation.

Q : “ We are living in time where ‘work’ alone is ‘worship’. We have no time to nourish our inner self and spiritual growth. Can Patriji please guide our readers in this regard through his message? ”

Patriji :   If you don’t have time to nourish your spiritual self, of course, you will take one more lifetime; you will need one more physical body. Better do it now than wait for the next life-time.

Meditation is the “ GREATEST WORK ” that you can do. And, therefore, it is the “ GREATEST WORSHIP ”, that you can think of!

Q : “ Sir, I am in the midst of a deep problem. I am in a mess. I seek your guidance. What should I do? ”

Patriji : “ Every problem has a solution. The solution for any problem is within yourself. It can’t be elsewhere. ‘ OTHERS ’ can never solve your problems.

“ Every problem creates a question and every answer shows the path to the solution for the problem. ”

“ When problems arise, automatically, questions also arise. When answers are obtained, mental turmoil is ‘ out ’. And, appropriate physical action comes ‘ in ’. When the appropriate physical action is done and completed, then alone the problem is finally solved, or resolved. ”

“ Small problems have small solutions. Big problems have big solutions. Small solutions don’t require much courage. However, big solutions require lot of courage. ”

“ For smaller problems, physical power is enough. For bigger problems, however, SOUL POWER must be there. A man who has more SOUL POWER than you is ‘ YOUR GURU ’. ”

“ If a GURU is available, he should be always consulted .. not only for a big problem but for each and every micro-problem too. ”

“ The biggest problem of them all is when one doesn’t have a GURU. In such a situation one has to find all the answers from ‘ within ’ through meditation, through logical scientific contemplation.

“ However, if a GURU is readily available, then you don’t necessarily have to go ‘ within ’ ; because, the GURU is your own ‘ INNER SELF ’ , your own ‘ WITHIN ’ .. outwardly manifested ”.

“ Whether one understands or not, GURU’S words must be implicitly implemented, because they are one with your own  ‘ ANTARATMA PRABODHA ’. A GURU is a short- cut for quick enlightenment .. for a quick answer, for a quick solution. ”

“ A GURU does not ‘ solve ’ your problems. A GURU only ‘ answers ’ your questions. A GURU only shows solutions to your problems. ”

“ Your meditation alone will give answers to your questions. Your meditation alone will solve your problems. ”

“ Meditation increases your SOUL ENERGY to such a level that you can fight that much better. Meditation also increases your SOUL INTELLIGENCE to such a level that you will fight with a much more cooler head. And, in any given situation, you must fight all by yourself, summoning all your best physical resources and best SOUL ENERGIES. ”

“ You may win, or you may lose, that is an entirely different matter .. results are based upon any number of unknown and unknowable factors. ”

“ Your GURU will never fight on your behalf ”

“ A GURU provides scientific and relevant answers ; gives you all the needed encouragement. Ofcourse, ‘ a token little energy ’ comes to you, automatically, when you are in the presence of GURU’S AURA, or GURU’S SOUL ENERGIES. But, fight you must, all by yourself. ”

“ A GURU has his own battles to fight. He does not run away from his battles. Every person has to fight his own battles. Life is always such a drawn-out and such a long, seemingly unending battle, and such a lonely battle .. ever so. Ever so.. ”

” For unenlightened people, life is a ‘ miserable ’ battle. However, for enlightened people, life is a ‘ soul strengthening ’ game ”.

“ When you are unhappy, your problems appear bigger than yourself. When you are spiritually well-informed, you will understand that the problems are always so much smaller than yourself. ”

“ Obey the GURU immediately and implicitly. ”

When Jesus the Master said :

“ I am the ‘ son ’ of my ‘ father ’ who art in heaven ”, he meant he was always a disciple of a GURU .. whose condition is always HEAVEN.

“ A person who is without a GURU is a person who has lost his ‘ PARADISE ’. A person who has GURU is a person who has regained his ‘ PARADISE ’.

“ ‘ PARADISE ’ is not any particular ‘ place ’ or  location. ‘ PARADISE ’ is a SOUL CONDITION. The GURU is the ‘ PARADISE ’. ”

“ ANGELS live in ‘ PARADISE ’. Human-kind lives on the ‘ Earth ’. Human beings don’t care for the GURU, therefore, they are on the Earth. Angels care for the GURU .. every second; therefore they are in the ‘ PARADISE ’.

“ ANGELS are the guides for the human-kind. GURUS are the guides only for the Angelic type of Man-kind. ”

“ A GURU is indeed ‘ The father who art in the Heaven ’, Be Ye a Jesus. Be Ye a Son of God. ”

Q : I am meditating from the last of 3 years and thing is in the last year I had a surgery in the spinal cord down so I am unable to sit right now so, how can I continue mediation. I am very interested to do that. Can you provide the solution for this sir…….. ???

Patriji : You don`t have to `sit` for meditation. You can lie down comfortably, cross your feet, clasp your hands and do meditation.

Q : Patriji sir, I had a cataract eye operation 2 years ago. after few months, the problem start to reoccur . The doctor ask me to go for second operation. As I’m doing meditation daily, I want to heal from my meditation power and stop visiting doctor. Now, my eye vision is getting worst and my family members advising me to see doctor and to do another operation .. Please guide me now.. what shall I do .. I’m doing meditation daily 2hrs…

Patriji : If you listen to your family member who are all ignorant people, then nobody can help you. Rely on your own discretion. Buddha said “Appo Deepo Bhava” meaning “Be a light unto yourself”. Rely on Truth, not your stupid relatives. Do meditation. Only that will save you.

Q : Dear Sir, My name is Kumar and I would like to focus on a career which I am actually destined for. I have multiple options in my hand as of now (Job/ Business/ Construction) etc., but I am in confusion in which I would be happy and what is the purpose of my life. Even thought I am more or less working on the above mentioned fields, I am not happy. Please guide me.

Patriji : Any work/field will not give you any satisfaction. However, if you add meditation and enlightenment to yourself then, and then alone, any work/any field of activity will give you all satisfaction. That is the principal thing everybody should understand.

Q : I have been doing meditation from past 2 years. I had miscarriage 3 times . Every time I see a vision that I will be losing baby two days before miscarriage. When I asked the reason for this in my meditation, I have seen my past life bothering a pregnant lady. I expressed deep regret to that soul many times during meditation. Is there anything that I can do for that soul to forgive me for my unconscious acts in my past life. Kindly clarify.

Patriji : Everybody has to pay KARMA. Nobody can bye-pass law of karma. Do good work. Do meditation. Spread meditation.

Q : I am Ravi Kumar. From past 8 months onwards I am doing meditation. First of all I need to thank you so much for adding me in your family. In starting stage I ate Non-Veg now I came out from that and became vegetarian. I have habit of drinking alcohol, smoking … after consuming those things I am going to movie. After reaching home I start to do meditation for 30 – 40 Minutes at the time of 12:30 AM in many days in my life after starting to do meditation. please give me some suggestions that even in mind should not think about those non sense things (because whatever we think that comes true). Once again thank you so much for adding me in your society and guiding us in right way.

Patriji : Congrats that you have become a vegetarian. Continue your meditation Everyday regularly. Start reading right books as recommended by PSSM.

Q : Hi sir, my name is Radha; I am not getting married for that my family is suffering a lot. please tell me what I can do for that, how I can solve my problem

Patriji : Do meditation. Everything will be okay in due time.

Q : My dear lovely master . I have doing meditation for 2 years and pain at my forehead about 1 and 1/2 years. when I am in meditation and lonely without thinking. How can I overcome this problem? Please give any guidelines…

Patriji : Do meditation. Everything will be okay in due time.

Q : Sir, you have recommended GOD SPEAKS book of Meher Baba. In that book, it is given that at time, one avatar & 5 perfect masters exist all the time in world. Who is that avatar (God-Man) & 5 perfect master at present time?

Patriji : When a book is recommended take in what is strengthening you and leave out whatever is confusing you and go to the next book. Do not be stuck up with one book, read number of books by number of masters.

There is nothing like one avatar and five masters anything like that. Don’t harp on idiotic statements by masters, gloss over them coolly and go for spiritual enlightenment.

Q : Many people are using crop circle images to meditate, are they really help to our deep meditation? What is the science behind it? Please explain it, Sir.

Patriji : Go to the websites on crop circles and access all information.

Q : In one of your audio on “Enlightenment”, you have described a point that “if you get anger, express it-that is enlightenment”. After listening this tape, in one of my life situation, I applied this, and I felt a big relief. Before that I mostly used to suppress my anger by which I used to feel for a longer time.

        But sir, after expressing my anger, people including my parents started thinking that I became mad after starting meditation, because before i started meditation, I used to suppress all my feelings, so I seemed to be good character person, but now unconsciously I am expressing my feelings like anger, love.. which is making a negative impression of me in the minds of others.

        Now I am confused sir.. even though the expression of a feeling is giving me a big relief an helping me while doing meditation, I am little worried about thinking of people around me on my behaviour.

Patriji : When you are beginning to practice Enlightenment you will encounter all problems from society and family that is absolutely the call with everyone. Haalahala will come first and then finally Amruth.

Q : I am doing meditation from 2005. I am doing everything as per my conscious word. But now a days I am feeling like I stuck somewhere. I am not able to raise my voice and keeps myself calm if any unconscious thing is happening or if my parents/somebody oppose my act or scolds me for what I am doing. I am getting a kind of fear to raise my voice with somebody and getting angry if my wife points out my attitude. I said to her I do not care if somebody thinks like that about me and you no need to worry. But Because of this is happening frequently I am getting a doubt that Do I stuck somewhere and not able to cross? Please suggest beloved master.

Patriji : Do not doubt yourself. Do more and more meditation and keep strengthening yourself.

Q : What is the subtle body? From the past 3 years frequently I am seeing myself in a mirror whenever I sit in meditation. Kindly clarify.

Patriji : If you want to know everything about subtle bodies read Theosophical Society Literature. Either go to website or contact your local Theosophical Society or go to main head quarters Adyar, Chennai. If you are serious you will do all these things, if you are not serious student never put a question like this.

Q : Can anybody call the astral body of any master and talk? Kindly clarify.

Patriji : When the disciple is ready master will appear.

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Q : Patri sir, as a spiritual researcher I want to know which is the correct theory about formation of our universe. Different theories like our dolorous cannon said, and which is the correct cosmology among different religious ones. Are they really or they too are illusions arising from human mind. Even our paramahamsa yogananda master also talked about sookshma lokha hells .are they real? Or those are part of our waste illusions arising from our minds .please clarify sir.

Patriji : You have got a stupid mind rectify yourself.

Q : I don’t know why I am so depressed sometimes about the things happening around and cry and after sometime i will be ok. For same situation sometimes i cry badly, sometimes I ignore thinking it’s all experience. Now i want to know what’s wrong with me? I will think not to cry but suppressing it making me worst sum other day. Can you suggest me? i meditate.

Patriji : There is nothing wrong in crying. Cry and do meditation. Do meditation and cry. Both are steps to progress.

Q : Did Gautama became an Yogishwara (Buddha) since it was foretold in his horoscope?

Patriji : Gautama was a yogeshwara even before he was born. Don’t put questions about others. When are you going to become Yogi? When are you going to become yogeshwara? That’s the point.

Q : Dear Patriji, you used to say that we should meditate daily according to our age ( 20 yrs old meditate for 20 min and so on).. i’m 40 yrs and meditating daily for 1 hour twice for nearly 2 years. My question is, in the 1 hour meditation, i’m not able to silent my mind completely. I have thoughts coming in and out and a lot of self dialog. Is this called meditation?? Others may see me sitting with closing my eyes and says that I’m doing meditation, but i personally don’t feel it as a meditation. Do guide me in this. I want to be a Buddha. Thank you Patriji.

Patriji : Practice makes man perfect. Keep on practicing. Do not worry about others, think about you. Be guided by your own meditation. Apoo Deepo Bhava. You should work hard to yourself to become a Buddha. Millions of people became Buddha, you can also become. It’s both easy and difficult according to your choice. If you get scientific temper it’s easy and if you are not hard working it is very difficult.

Q : Was facing a major personal problem in my life when i was been introduced to anapanasati meditation 3 year ago and since then I’m been practicing meditation and being a vegetarian. I won’t claim that my meditation has solve all the dilemma in my life but would definitely said that i have found a small portion of my true self thru this meditation. I have approach my friends and relatives to be a vegetarian and practice meditation , but most of them were laughing at me even look down upon me by saying that even they were meat eaters and not meditating , their lives are much more happier and prosperity in everything compare to my life. It really hurts me sometime. What shall i do? Why am i not able to live as per my wish/dream thru this noble practice?

Patriji : Everybody will of course laugh at you. Of course it hurts all the time. You seem to be a very very weak soul. Buddhahood is not for weak souls. Good that you have found a small true self through your meditation, keep it up.

Q : How can I get rid of a subconscious fear that been building in my for more than 14 years and I just can’t let go of it. I have to give the permission subconsciously.

Patriji : Ask for pardon from all the people with whom you have interacted negatively and do more and more meditation. The answer for every question is only one ‘do meditation’. The solution for all problems is only one ‘do meditation’.

Q : These days i had some discussion with a friend. After that i came to a conclusion that we do not have to do anything. The nature brings everything to u. And now i am feeling that i do not have to do anything and can simply sit. Clear my confusion by telling me about whether we have to work for our needs or just do nothing

Patriji : You have had a discussion with a stupid fellow not with a wise one. Discard your stupid friends. You have to work hard to receive anything from nature. You know Darwin’s principle regarding survival of the fittest and struggle for existence. Nature supports only the fittest and discards unfit human beings.

Q : How to balance physical and Spiritual life? What does a family and society represent? What does a relationship represent? Is it true that one has to excel in family before excelling society? I am very happy in performing spiritual activities but not that much satisfaction is achieved on performing physical duties. How to correct myself to be happy always?

Patriji : Read all magazines of PSSM – Dhyana Andhra Pradesh, Dhyana Kasturi, Spiritual India, Dhyan Bharat, Dhyana Thamizhagam. So many people have come, given accounts of their life experiences through meditation. There are glorious descriptions of balance in spiritual and physical life. There are millions of such cases out of which only a few have been written down in this magazines. Balance is only possible for intelligent people not for stupid people. Are you intelligent / stupid?

Q : Please tell me the difference between wish and dream … I have heard that there is KARMA SIDDHANTAM but in SETH’s mind power book Seth said that there is no karma siddhantam … could you understand me SETH’s words on karma siddhantam.

Patriji : You create your own reality. Through your actions thoughts and deeds. Choose diligently your words, thoughts and deeds. As you speak, as you think, as you do and so it happens to you. That’s karma siddhantam. You have to have lot of intelligence to understand Karma siddhantam. Are you intelligent / stupid?

Q : What’s Karma? How will I know I am God / Atma? What can I do for Self – Realization?

Patriji : To learn about Karma, do Meditation. To know about Atma, do Meditation. To know about what you have to do after Self Realization, do Meditation.

Q : There are many spiritual society / class / center, especially in India. How to select the right one? How can we know which is complete? Can we take any one on random? Or can we take all in our life time?

Patriji : There is only one method to go about and that is a trial and error method. There is no way you can take in random basis. This is not a lucky lottery system. If you think so you are a crackpot. Enlightenment is hard work. Be patient and calm and try each system one by one. Gautama Buddha went to 500 gurus and followed all those systems one by one and finally he found his own way. There is no shortcut. Follow the Buddha and become a Buddha.

Q : I started doing meditation from 2006 but continued eating non-veg until 2007 and then stopped eating non-veg. My parents always compel to eat it, what should I do? Later i started eating even when they are away. When I will be completely released from all these ?

Patriji : Get-out of your home very fast. Very evil influences can be at your home. Don’t you know the story of Hiranyakashapa and Prahlada?  If your parents are stupid.. get away from them. And let there no more idiocy in your life.

Q : ” When satya yuga starts? ” Is it from 2012 Dec onwards? Please let us know.

Patriji : There is no One Common Yuga for all individuals. You may be in Satyayuga and your family members may be Asatyayuga. Alternately all your family members may be in Satyayuga and you may be in Kaliyuga. Do not be stupid. Have you come into Satya?.. that is the point. Ask any personal Questions.

Q : I would like to know ” what happens to the stock market and insurance companies after 2012. Till what extent they will sustain? ” Please let me know.

Patriji : Before or after 2012.. that is all one and same. If you are still thinking of Stock Markets and Insurance Companies.. you are not the right candidate to put the question.

Q : How to get rid of Fears?

Patriji : Live with Fearless persons.

Q : Please explain me ” Why we should not indulge in the worship of idols or in the worship on living masters? “

Patriji : Read Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi’s – Satyardha Prakasha who condemned all stupid rituals in the society. Read Islam.. where Mohammad prohibited worshipping all idols. Read all Buddha’s literature, understand the statement of Jesus.. “ I and you are one at God’s kingdom ”.  Wake up from your dream. Find out what you are. Do Meditation.

Q : Can you explain briefly ” why we should not eat meat and eggs? But when we stop taking all this non-vegetarian food, we fall ill. And the doctor advice to continue non-vegetarian food as vegetarian food is not suitable for the body. “

Patriji : Go through all the websites on vegetarianism. Everything is already explained in Internet search through Google. Come out of your laziness and know the Truth immediately.

Q : ” I used to go to Balvikas Class before and the teachers there teach me to meditate by imagine a light and focus on it. By doing this, can I get the cosmic energy and spiritual wisdom? “

Patriji : No question of focusing your attention on any imagined light. Focus your attention on your normal and natural Breath. Everything else will automatically follow.

Q :  I am doing meditation since 3 years, but still I cannot control my monkey mind from unwanted thoughts during meditation. My entire meditation session will be controlling my unwanted thoughts by observing the natural breath. If this is the case then when I will achieve a thought less stage? Is there anything you want to suggest me so that I can have a quality meditation and I want to achieve thought less state in my regular meditation practice. I have two 4X4 pyramids at my home and every day at least 1 hour I will sit under pyramid and ill practice my meditation under pyramid, but still I am not satisfied with my monkey mind.

Patriji : Practice makes man perfect. Do not lose your heart because Rome is not built in a day.

Q : I have an intense desire to evolve through meditation  and started doing meditation regularly. However my mind is creating thoughts like laziness and fear of not doing meditation properly etc to perform it. How do I cane my mind to do more meditation?

Patriji : Practice makes man perfect. Do not lose your heart because Rome is not built in a day.

Q : Please explain, why you say meditate and know yourself for some people and for some you guide them through the difficulties and put them in the right path. I am sincere seeker of truth, I am meditating and putting constant effort to know the truth and learn. Can you please guide me where I am making mistakes which are obstructing my progress? Guruji please help me, remove my ignorance.

Patriji : No Guru can help you. No Guru can remove your ignorance. If you truly sincere in your intension, if you truly serious in your practice.. and of course you truly get enlightenment.

Q : Our main intent is ” Dhyana Jagat ” by the year 2012. We will make it, Here i want to know about life after 2012. So I request you to say few words about  the ” life after 2012. “

Patriji : After 2012.. there will be more positive people than – negative people on the earth. After 2016.. there will be more Spiritual people than non-spiritual people on earth. By the year 2020.. all people will become Spiritual Scientists on this earth.

Q : I am still remembering your words sir ” A great spiritual revolution is exploding throughout the earth. Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement of India is a significant part of this giant change. ” Yes sir, we can notice it by observing all the activities of PSSM.. And we will make ” Dhyana Jagat ” by the year 2012.. then what will be the role of our pyramid masters after 2012?

Patriji : All Pyramid Masters will be recognized as world class masters.. after 2012.

Q : I am doing meditation  from  last two years.  How to manifest our thoughts with the help of meditation, and how the Intent should be and how many days and daily  how many hours I should do meditation for it ?

Patriji : Keep practicing Meditation without setting any kind of time limits for your practice.

Q : In one of the lectures of Sir (Karma Yogamu) I heard that we need to keep doing Karma in accordance to the stage of our Atma (for example, shaivatma, balatma, proudatma, vimukta atma & Paripoorna atma… My question to sir is: ” How do we know the stage of our Atma??? where do we stand in our lifecycles??? to perform our karmas/duties accordingly??? What are we supposed to do??? “

Patriji : You will understand the stage you are in only if you start meditation. If you don’t know the purpose of your life you are a baby soul. Before meditation everybody is a baby soul. Whatever stage you are in, start meditation. Don’t bother about the details. Slowly, you will understand the stage where you are and you will cross all the stages one by one.


Q : How far dependency of pyramids, crystals,crop circles are required for a Master. For beginners all are helpful, is the same case for those who are able to Practice meditation regularly and teach meditation for new persons.

Patriji : A master requires nothing. We all know that a blind person, a small child or an old person need somebody’s help to cross the road. But when you are happy and healthy you don’t require anybody’s help and you can cross the road by yourself. When you are a master you don’t require anything. But, for a beginner or a person who has some problems, all these things in the form of help is there and he can make use of it. But if help is there and out of arrogance you don’t use it, it’s your call. You should be full of humility to take help of all that exists. When somebody helps you to cross road take his help and thank him. Similarly, you can take help of pyramid energy, group energy, full moon energy, prakruthi energy, crystal energy whatever is available. You must be grateful for any help that comes from any side. Even if you are a master and if you have problem you can take help you don’t have to be arrogant saying “ I am independent and I don’t care about help from anywhere ” nothing like that. Helpful things are helpful for all the people whether you are a master or not a master, whether you are a meditator or not a meditator.

Q : What is EGO? How to identify it? Can we call the terms I, Myself, me, my own etc as the effects of EGO??

Patriji : Never, first of all there is no EGO there is only ignorance in people. It is only an outward camouflage but deep inside everybody is innocent, pure. They have to act in society as if they are egoistic. So far I have not seen EGO because EGO is not possible. Ego is actually not there. Ignorance is there. In our Pyramid Literature we never talk about resolving Ego. Hey guy just close your eyes and observe your breath whatever you are, how so ever your situation maybe, whatever you think about yourself it doesn’t matter.. Sit in Meditation, make a habit out of it.

Q : How should I forget past pains in my life?

Patriji : Make new friendships.

Q : Why soul has to be in many physical bodies in many lives, if origin and destination are the same?

Patriji : Origin and Destination are not the same. Origin is zero experience, Destination is maximum experience. Original Atma is devoid of any experiences. Each life time offers bounteous experiences to the Atma. Every Good/Bad experiences enriches the soul. The Soul/Atma wants to become rich in experiences. That’s why Atma takes many physical bodies in many many physical systems.

Q : Sometimes I feel I am not being given importance that I deserve, it hurts me, angers me….at a spiritual level I realize it’s my ego that is hurt, not the real I. However, it still hurts :). How can I go beyond this ego and find peace and harmony within, be forgiving and generous in my outlook? Or is all that only for the saints?

Patriji : Do more meditation.

Q : Sir, how do I get rid of my mind?

Patriji : Put your mind in a grinder and switch on, the mind will break. That is called as Meditation. Breaking the mind is called as Meditation. Mind is also a hero and it is also a villain. 90% it is a villain and 10% it is a hero. So in Meditation that 90% of that villain will die and the 10% will remain. We have to come out. No way. We have to do Meditation more. Every master will completely destroy their mind. And everybody has to become a Master. How…? Give more time to Meditation and less time to fight with family and children. After the Meditation session Q&A session, experiences exchanging session is very important. That’s how we unlock the doors of our intellect.

Q : How do I get Meditative State? Mind is thoughts and Emotions. And it is difficult to attain a state where those thoughts and emotions don’t exist in the beginning?

Patriji : You have to do more practice. Always in any given field, the first stage is most difficult stage. First time when I was learning the flute I went to my Guruji. He gave me a flute and said come on blow. I was just blowing, there was no sound coming from my flute for 3 days. Others were able to do but I was not able to get the sound. I know on some day sound is going to come because so many flutists are there in the world who are able to get sound. And after some days, I got sound from my flute with practice. So you also have to become a flutist. So many sanths are there all over the world and you should also become a Santh. Logic is very simple.

I don’t know why your mind cannot understand this logic. If your mind is supposed to be logical it has to understand this. So many people have become flutists and musicians, why you cannot become? When P.T. Usha can run why you can’t run? Columbus crossed the ocean and why you cannot do it? Somebody became a Kabir why you cannot? It’s a logic. What happened to your logic? Somebody become Birla or Tata, why you cannot become? We are lazy.Absolutely lazy. And we are stupid. We are arrogant. All put together we are lazy, stupid, arrogant, weak. And we all talk non sense… I am a scientist. I am very logical. Give me a proof…. Where is the proof? The proof is somebody has become a Buddha, Kabir. When you go to Sankar Bhagawan temple you don’t do Meditation! What is this? What kind of logic is that? Very funny people are there.

Q : Suddenly my body is jerking in Meditation, why?

Patriji : Yes. When you do Meditation, because of the energy input so many things happen in the body. The physical body interacts and reacts. You may feel jerks, temperature differences like feel cold or feel hot. All these things that happen are all part of the Meditation. You have to go through all of these. This is called ‘Nadi Mandala Prakshalana’.

You know we got five bodies ‐ Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Causal body and Spiritual body. Physical body is the atomic body. Energy body is the energetic network, Astral body is which flies everywhere in the sleep, the Causal body is the repository of all the karmic vasanas and of course you have your Spiritual body. You have to reach your Spiritual body, your structure and it is nothing but your soul. You have to go through this course in Spiritual Science, It’s a big field. Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is dedicated for Spiritual Science, for the physiology of the soul and anatomy of the soul. You have to become a Santh. There is no way. If somebody else has become, you can become. If you know that he has become and you have not become, what does it mean? If you don’t want to become in life, of course you will not become anything in life. And if you want to become anything you’ll become anything. If I want to come to Mumbai of course I’ll come to Mumbai. If I don’t want to come to Mumbai of course I will not. If you want to come to Meditation class you will come here, if you don’t want to come to Meditation class you will not come here. Meditation class will go on but you’ll not be here. All people here will become Sanths, but you’ll not become a Santh because you don’t want it. Becoming a Santh is like coming to Mumbai. Anybody can come to Mumbai, anybody can become a Santh, anybody can become an Ambani, and anybody can become an Amitabh Bachchan. Who cannot become? You need hard work and a goal, not speaking, not tentativeness. You want firmness to become.

Only one question you have to put yourself is do I want to become a Kabir yes or no. Do I want to become like Buddha yes or no? If ‘no’ forget about it. If ‘yes’ come here. If ‘no’ don’t come here. Don’t waste your time and my time. Be clear, no confusion. Don’t waste others time.

Q : Do we really have a choice at this point of time to choose whether we want to become or we don’t want to become?

Patriji : There is always a choice. Somebody is bowling, there are two choices either you can defend or you can hit it. On the spot you choose it. The same ball you can hit it for six and the same ball you can defend. So what do you do? Always the choice is there at our door step. That’s what Shakespeare says, to be or not to be is a million dollar question! Should I do Meditation or don’t do Meditation? Listen to the Master or don’t listen? So what to do with this lifetime whether to do this or not, here or there? Nothing is predetermined. If everything is freely flowing, you can give any shape to any mould or to the matter or to the time at given situation. The ball is there you can bowl off spin or leg spin or googly or leg cutter or slow ball. On the moment, you can decide depending upon the situation. Same thing in the creation of events. You can become anything. 360degrees you can do anything. You have to become a Master of all. Therefore you concentrate on one field like I want to become a pace bowler, I want to become a Musician, I want to become a Meditator or I want to become enlightened. Whatever it may be, you must know your goal. What is my goal? It is to travel everyday to someplace or the other and to make people sit in Meditation. That’s my goal. So what am I doing, I am travelling every day. It’s going on for twenty years and another two years I gave it to myself. After that I’ll not. Until 2012 Dec 21st I got to do it. This is the goal I give to myself, the direction I give to myself. Who gives the directions to your life? You give direction to your life. Who give direction to my life? I’ll give direction to my life. My life is what I makeup. Your life is what you makeup. It’s a moment to moment creation of your life.

Q : Please tell us what is happening in 2012 December 21st?

Patriji : See there are two forces around this Earth. The negative forces and the positive forces. Always, The negative forces are Asura forces and the positive forces are Sura forces. See Hong Kong, it is a free port. You can bring any product and you can take out any product. No control of the government. But Mumbai is not a free port. Everything is checked up. But in Hong Kong, there is no government control. That is the decision of the government. There is a government but the decision of the government is that we don’t control the port. Similarly the whole cosmos is a government, and that government made earth as a free port right from the beginning. So anybody from any asura forces or sura forces can come and do anything. So for many lakhs of years the Earth has been a free port. And it was misused. Any free port can be misused. But yet it was encouraged so many combinations, permutations, hybrid energy, and to allow freedom, always there is a concept of free ports. Earth has been one of the free ports for various dimensions, for many other galaxies. Now the cosmic government has decided no more free port, Control, So this control force said the decision, after 2012 no negative forces can enter Earth field. They blocked. So after 2012 there is no entry of negative forces and there is continuous and more entry of more positive forces to the earth. Then the tilt in the earth balances from negativity to positivity.

The main portal on the earth planet for negative forces from 4th dimensional lokas is Arab Countries, the entry point. The main portal for positive forces is Himalayas where there is lot of meditation. Where there is lot of violence is made portal for negative forces and where there is lot of Meditation is made portal for Positive forces from galactic forces. Now what’s happening is nobody can enter negative forces to the earth after 2012. It is stopped. The stoppage has started from 1987. Gradually it is increasing and it will totally stop by the year 2012. So what are you going to expect after 2012? The negative forces will keep on diminishing and positive forces increases. By 2020 there will be no negative forces. There will be only positive forces. Then you’ll begin to see a heaven on earth from 2020. So this is what the overall picture, the big picture.

Out of current 660 crores of people on the earth only 25% are going to remain on the earth with their physical bodies. Huge things are going to come in this next two years. My information is that and my understanding is that. Anything can change, that’s a different thing. So 25% of the populations will remain in physical bodies. Atma will never die. It is just a transformation from one dimension to other. So there is no real tragedy, there is only comedy. Once you become enlightened there is no tragedy, only comedy everywhere.

The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. You see the big picture then there is no tragedy only comedy. This is a small picture, the hell of tragedy. It’s not that there is no tragedy. When you kill animal, it is a very tragic affair. How can you kill animals? That is the source of tragedy, the negativity on the earth. Only one point: killing the animals and eating them. How can you do that? 98% of the world is killing the animals and eating and consider them as highly civilized. Highly barbarous. They are not civilized. Nice cars, big buildings, eating Chicken and Mutton. Are they human beings…? They are devils. Ok it’s their choice, Earth is a free port. You choose your own actions and reap your own lessons and learn by yourselves. Nobody can teach lessons to others. You learn by your own hard way. Earth is a school where you got to learn lessons. Earth will always remain a school. Only those people who graduate will go away from school to some other college, some other university. They don’t find themselves in School. So earth is a school where always fresh souls will be there for learning, experimenting, experiencing, graduating and going out of the system. In school we always see children. You don’t see the grownup people. Earth is a school for growing up the souls. Not for grownup souls. Some teachers are there who are examples of grown‐up souls. But in large you’ll see only children wanting to play rather than to learn. That is the nature of things. What is tragic about it? Earth is a school. It’s not a college or university for the souls. It is place where you start from kindergarten, class 1, class 2, class 3. So you will have to have the big picture. The more you read books and do more meditation you will have big third eye and you’ll get big picture.

See there are three things Meditation, reading books and listening to other senior’s experiences. If you don’t go to a music college, you will not progress in music. If you don’t go to Computer College you’ll not learn computers. If you don’t go to spiritual college like this you will not understand Spirituality. Pyramid Spiritual Societies is a Spiritual College, where all like minded souls are gathered here to advance and help each other in the progress of Spiritual Science. If diseases are there all the money will go to doctor whatever you saved. No doctor.. No medicine.. You are a God.. Do Meditation.. Those who go to doctor don’t know anything. Those who do pooja don’t know anything. Only thing you should know is Meditation. Either you are a Buddha or a Buddhu. Either you are male or female choice is yours. Do Meditation and become a Buddha. Neglect Meditation you’ll remain as a Buddhu.

Q : What is the purpose of my life?

Patriji : “ The Purpose of Life, for any person, is to live the whole life totally calmly, totally comfortably, totally passionately, totally compassionately, with full awareness and with full knowledge. ”

“ Always:

  • Be as calm as possible.
  • Make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Take care of all your passions as passionately as possible.
  • Be ready to give as compassionate an ear as possible to all around you, at any given moment.
  • Be as aware as possible, to all the things that are happening within you and around you.
  • Gather as much knowledge as possible regarding all the things that exist inside you and outside you. ”

Q : What is non-attachment?

Patriji : “ Removing yourself from a place of attention, and from a place of importance .. wherever and whenever you are irrelevant, in that particular situation. ”

Q : How does one erase wrong mental habits?

Patriji : “ Instead of using the term ‘wrong’, it is better to use the term ‘un-rewarding’. This is so because, nothing is basically, ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Everything is either more profitable or less profitable, that’s all. ”

“ A repetitive act is called a ‘habit’. Habits arise as mental patterns in the psyche, and then, later on crystallize in corresponding forms of soma. ”

“ Every thought, is primarily an action of the psyche. So, when similar types of thoughts are repeated, a characteristic thought-pattern is created. And, thought-patterns could either be rewarding or un-rewarding. When an individual’s thought patterns are in resonance with the Universal Laws of Nature, they automatically become rewarding. Conversely, when an individual’s thought-patterns are in dissonance with the Universal Laws of Nature, they definitely boomerang and become un-rewarding. ”

“ The erasing of negative thought-patterns .. through a steady habit of meditation and positive thinking.. is never going to be easy in the beginning. In fact, anything in the beginning is a difficult proposition. However, once a beginning is made, the un-rewarding thought-patterns can be successfully replaced by rewarding thought-patterns. Slowly but surely, a well-sustained blissful state-of-mind is guaranteed. ”

Q : How does one develop one’s awareness?

Patriji : “ Awareness is defined as ‘being fully conscious of all the angles of a given situation’. Awareness is synonymous with the word ‘consciousness’. The phrases ‘being aware of’ and ‘being conscious of’ signify the same. ”

“ Awareness is the very stuff with which we are made up of. We are That Tat Tvam Asi Svetaketu ‘Tat’ means ‘that’, ‘Tvam’ means ‘you’, ‘Asi’ means ‘are’. It means we are not just this physical frame. We are not just a bundle of bones and muscles and sense organs. We are also awareness, which is entirely independent of the bones, the muscles and the senses. This physical body, we are not. The consciousness… which is expressing itself using the physical body… that we are. ”

“ Develop the ‘self’. Develop, ‘I’. Live with the self more and more, not with your bones, muscles and sense organs. If we live more with bones, muscles and sense organs, we develop only them, not our awareness. If we begin to stay more and more with our own Self, we begin to realize the magnificence of awareness, the all-pervading nature ofawareness, the bounteous nature of awareness. ”

Q : What is the difference between personal requirements and personal responsibilities?

Patriji : “ Man is essentially two things: A small personal SELF and a huge    impersonal SELF. And, man has to take care of both the ‘ SELVES ’. ”

“ Man has to be selfish in taking care of the personal SELF. The small needs, the minimal desires, rare luxuries of the personal SELF are very vital to a person for joyful existence. Nothing comes easy and one has to do hard work to take care of the personal requirements. One has also to understand that a small helping needs to be extended to others, who are around you, too, in the matter of enabling them to fulfil their particular personal requirements. This falls under the category of personal responsibilities. ”

“ Apart from       these  smaller responsibilities, there are larger responsibilities too. Larger responsibilities mean contributing something valuable to the whole humanity. Everyone should master at least one particular art, sport, craft or any branch of knowledge or any area of service… and make it available, free of cost, for the general benefit of the community at large. ”

“ Therefore, primarily, there are three things:

  • Personal requirements.
  • The small responsibilities towards other persons who are immediately around us.
  • Larger responsibilities towards the community as a whole. ”

“ Man is required to be a master in at least one subject. Mastery in one subject.. that’s what one offers as his particular gift to the community, to the humanity. Mastery in any field is obtained only by sincere dedication .. sometimes extending over an entire life-time. ”

Q : What is the current status of the New Age Spiritual Movement on the Earth?

Patriji : “ All expectations are surpassed, That is the situation. The New Age Spiritual Movement in the world has absolutely changed the psyche of the world. The earlier fears of the humanity have almost vaporized.

“ The imminent global destruction is no more ‘ imminent ’. The efforts of thousands of selfless spiritual masters throughout the world have produced / are producing the most glorious dividends. It doesn’t mean that the world will not witness major catastrophes here and there. They are bound to occur. However, the crucial ‘turn around’ has been achieved. ”

Q : “ What happens immediately after the death of Physical body ? ”

Patriji : “ Death is the dissolution of the ‘ SILVER-CORD ’ which connects the Physical body and the Astral body. The consciousness of the person concerned gets shifted from the physical body to the Astral body. The Consciousness, then, works with the Astral body as its outermost garment. ”

“ An average person stays for about three days with his Astral body on the Earth plane. Two persons, invariably come, to help him in this transition phase .. in his movement from physical realities to the astral realities. Out of these two, one invariably is a Master and the other, an apprentice. ”

“ Soon, one is restored to his one’s deserved astral world : and after a period of relaxation, is given his ‘ Life-Review ’, wherein, one sees all the useful and useless deeds performed in the immediate previous life-time on the Earth. He / she is guided in his ‘ Life-Review ’, by a council of Astral Guides. Soon, another life-time is planned and executed with revised goals and revised purposes. ”

Q : “ How does going into the Nature help one? ”

Patriji : “ Which kind of ‘ Nature ’ are you talking about ?? There are three kinds of ‘ NATURE ’. Perhaps you are referring to the Nature that is around you ”.

NATURE No.1 : “ Prakriti ”

“ NATURE no. 1, has two sides, side ‘ A ’ and side ‘ B ’. Side ‘ A ’ is made up of, ‘ Pancha Maha Bhootas ’, to say it in traditional Indian terms.

“ This kind of NATURE is highly helpful to one’s own Self. Going into the forests, climbing the hills, going into the sea, the rivers etc., all is very important. We refresh the Self, energize the Self and also give tremendous enjoyment to the Self. The more we revel in the external Nature, the more energized and fulfilled we become. ”

“ Side ‘ B ’ is made up of ‘ Tanmatras ’ which is.. Astral Matter. ”

“ So, one can enjoy the ‘ physical environment ’ as well as the ‘ Astral environment ’. We enjoy the Side ‘ B ‘when we go into meditative states. The astral forests, astral mountains, astral rivers ect., ect. for most thrilling in most soothing experiences. ”

“ Side ‘ A ’ is nature available in the physical plane which is accessed through the physical body and the physical senses. ”

“ Now let us go into the second and third types of NATURES. ”

NATURE No.3 : “ Purusha ”

“ Before we move into the second type of NATURE, we should get clarified of the THIRD type of NATURE.. which is pure ‘ PURUSHA ’, which is pure ‘ CONSCIOUSNESS ’, which is ‘ ADVAITA ’, where there is no ‘ second ’ and which is our most fundamental NATURE. Dwelling in that NATURE, we understand we are everything. We will understand ‘ AHAM BRAHMASMI ’. However, this does not give us enjoyment. On the other hand, it gives us, ‘ ENLIGHTENMENT ’. This does not solve our problems. This dissolves our Self. Achieving this state is possible only through deepest possible meditation. ”

NATURE No.2 : “ Samskara Chitta ”

“ Now, about the second type of NATURE, which is via media between the FIRST NATURE and the THIRD NATURE. ”

“ This NATURE is called as our ‘ Samskara Chitta ’ or our ‘ Mind Stuff ’.. our internal MIND-NATURE, which has very, very, very complex structure. This arises because of the contact of the THIRD NATURE with the FIRST NATURE right from the very INCEPTION or FORMATION of an individual, ‘ Self ’ or an individual ‘ Entity ’. ”

“ Current ‘ Entity ’ is the cumulative end-product of all the totality of perceptions, right from our first incarnation into biological body. ”

“ Now, this SECOND NATURE is what we are, in all PRACTICAL TERMS. For theoretical purpose, we are the THIRD NATURE. However, for all practical day-to-day purposes, and for all human-to-human interactions, we are of the SECOND NATURE, and we interact with the SECOND NATURES of co-human beings. ”

“ When ‘ we are not ’ we are our own THIRD NATURE. When ‘ we are ’ we are the SECOND NATURE. This is the field of ‘ DWAITA ’. Herein arise a hundred and odd emotions, a thousand and odd problems .. a million and odd challenges. Studying this kind of NATURE, in the worldly terms, is ‘ psycho-analysis ’. However, all Freudian psycho-analysis is absolutely off the track as Sigmund Freud doesn’t know the THIRD NATURE of the SELF. ”

“ Judging from a point of view that ‘ mind ’ is a product of the brain and ‘ consciousness ’ is a property of matter, which is the basis of all Freudian type psycho-analysis, which pre-supposes that man is physical body and nothing else, it is impossible to understand man’s problems, much less man’s purposes and challenges. ”

“ Only Spiritual Science can guide a person as to how he/she can successfully tackle and free-roam in the SECOND NATURE. When a person learns to roam freely and meaningfully in the SECOND NATURE, then that is the ‘ Krishna Consciousness ’. ”


Q : “ How does meditation help in solving the problems of daily life? ”

Patriji : “ MEDITATION increases our energy quotient and converts us into ‘ ENERGY INTENSIVE BEINGS ’. With every meditation bout, we take a quantum leap in our energy resources. More number of meditation sessions per day means, more quantum jumps. And, with higher energy available at our finger-tips, every given moment, we become capable of taking upon ourselves so much more work. And, we never become restless, and we never get tired too. ”

“ MEDITATION also transforms us into ‘ TRANQUIL BEINGS ’. When things go out of our control, we do not get upset ; we never lose our inner peace. Thus, our work goes on unhampered. ”

“ MEDITATION transforms us also into ‘ WISE BEINGS ’ .. so that in understanding events and situations, and in understanding people, we become more and more scientific and more and more balanced. We become more considerate to others ‘ free-will based decisions are indecisions. And, more often than not, we will put ourselves into others ’ shoes .. the result is .. Grand Oneness and Grand Harmony. ”

“ To sum up, MEDITATION transforms us into (i) Energy Intensive Beings (ii) Tranquil Beings (iii) Wise Beings. ”

Q : They say that ‘ enlightenment ’ essentially culminates in the self merging in the GOD. Kindly clarify.

Patriji : Yes .. it is often said that the ‘drop’ merges into the ‘ OCEAN ’. It is often said that the ‘ drop ’ ceases, and only the ‘ OCEAN ’ remains. This is what you find so often in Vedantic Texts.

India is full of such type of non-sense; parrot-like, every spiritual amateur in India goes about ‘ enlightening ’ the public. When enlightenment happens, all that actually happens is that a ‘ stupid drop ’ becomes a ‘ sane drop ’. It doesn’t become an ‘OCEAN’.

A ‘ stupid drop ’ thinks it is separate from others. However, a ‘ sane drop ’ knows and understands deeply that it has been, unknowingly, one-in-essence with everything around itself, all the while.

Enlightenment doesn’t at all disfigure a ‘ drop ’. Enlightenment doesn’t erase the contours of any ‘ drop ’. The boundaries do not get evaporated. The self doesn’t merge with the ‘ UNIVERSE ’ or ‘ GOD ’. The uniqueness and the peculiarity of the self are ever intact.

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